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A caring environment is the answer to the complicated needs of memory loss, Alzheimer’s or dementia.

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Our most cherished praise comes from the families who have entrusted their loved ones to our care.

Many postcards and letters that we receive are an immense source of pride for us. Our relationship with the family does not stop after the resident leaves our Galway Homes.

Many families become our ambassadors to the community. In fact, the majority of our referrals come from families of present and former residents.

Galway Homes, Overland Park Dementia Care for Your Loved Ones. Located in Leawood, Overland Park Johnson County, Kansas City and the Northland

Overland Park Dementia Care Facility

Notes of Gratitude


Galway Homes, Overland Park dementia Care has been the biggest Blessing for our Dad and a Godsend for our family! August and September of 2014 was a very trying and difficult time for our Dad. We learned getting the right medications is key for the elderly. We felt we were getting the run around when the doctor at the assisted living facilty would decide, without our consent, to take him off certain medications.

Needless to say, this caused lots of problems and an unnecessary hospitalization. We decided he needed a lot more care than he was receiving in assisted living.

You know what they say, “It’s always darkest before the dawn!” Our dawn was finding Galway Homes while googling long term overland park dementia care facilities. A call was made to John that afternoon. We had a lengthy conversation and his honesty and insight was refreshing. We set up an appointment to meet with John and Carrie and to tour the houses out South. By the end of the meeting we knew we had found a new home for our Dad where he would be safe and secure.
He moved into the Overbrook house in Overland Park the second week of October 2014. His new doctor is wonderful and she is with a group that specializes in geriatrics. His medication list was totally adjusted and he started thriving! From day one at the Overbrook house he has received the very BEST care, love and support from his carefivers! The staff are so in tuned to our Dad and to the other residents. We feel our Dad gets one on one care 24/7!!!

Words can hardly express our gratitude! Our family is so very appreciative and so thankful for all the staff does to make our Dad and the other residents feel well taken care of! We want to especially thank Carrie, Trisha, Maple, Karen, Tonick, Ilene, Judy, Miranda and Elaine! And a big thank you to John for his dedication and compassion for the elderly!

With love,
Paul’s Children

Paul's Children

Dear Yolanda and other staff,

Thank you for all your effort caring for my mother, Stella during the three months she lived at Leona house.  I apologize for being so late with this personal thank you.  However, I always remember your kindness and dedication to helping Mom during her most difficult time of her life.

You  have a very difficult job and i truly appreciate how well you do it at Leona house.


Susan E. Gordon

Susan Gordon

Dementia is a horrible disease that I was not prepared to deal with it or its progression. I wish I had found Galway homes in Overland Park much sooner than I did since it is the only place I found that is prepared to deal with all stages of the disease. Fast forward to the point when my father was no longer eligible for care at any memory care centers and most nursing homes could not accommodate male dementia patients. My first phone call was to a friend who has a Home Instead franchise and he highly recommended John Higgins and Galway homes for Overland Park Dementia Care. I called John and was pleased with his direct and honest approach and the services they could provide at Galway homes. Within an hour of talking with him, I went to visit one of the homes and could see with my own eyes the compassionate care that was provided in a home setting. What struck me first and foremost was the sense of dignity and how this was “their home”. Little did I know how important this was going to be to my dad and my family for the next few months.

Once my father moved in, it also felt like our home. My family and his friends could come and visit any time of the day or night. The staff became a part of our family. before moving in, my father was highly agitated and was overmedicated as a method of control. The doctor and the staff at Galway Homes worked with us to help find the right amount of medicine and the dignified care that helped him relax. They knew and understood what he needed. Our family was thrilled with the care he received even through some of the difficult times that come with dementia. It was such a relief to know we could text the nurse any time of the day with concerns and she would get right back to us. John was just as accessible as well as helpful with any question or concern we had.

The dignity and care the staff showed was extremely touching. As he took his final breath they were right there with us in our grieving. As a caretaker, it meant a great deal to me that John and his staff were a strong support for me as well. My only regret is that I did not know about Galway homes sooner. I would highly recommend the Galway homes in Overland Park!

Karen Barron

Cathy Barron

Dear John,
My sister, Nell Froning, and I, want you to know how grateful we are for the guidance and wonderful solution you provided for our father, several years ago.
Our mother and dad were in their mid-90’s, when she passed away. They had been enjoying their home on Lake Texoma for over 26 years, so he wanted to continue living their by himself.
Though he had many friends among his neighbors and was active intheir community church, in a short time he began to sink into depression, with worsening dementia.
When he started failing to eat right, and not caring about getting dressed or grooming, we moved him to an ‘independent living’ unit of a senior-living facility in Richardson, TX, (which was close to where Nell’s home is).
While he was certainly unhappy with being moved, settling into new surroundings and meeting new ‘neighbors’ seemed to perk him up a bit. In about a year though, the depression returned and, during that same period, services and conditions at that facility began going downhill.
It was then that I came across an article about you and Galway Homes, Overland Park Dementia Care in a Leawood Journal. I phoned to ask if you knew of an operation like yours in the Dallas area, and Eureka! … It turned out that you had actually started there.
As soon as I told you about dad, you phoned Vinel, who handles the Dallas area, asking that he try to help us. Three weeks later, we had dad moved into the Pinview Home.
In that ‘home’ setting, he soon began to feel ‘O.K.’ with his situation, and feel a fondness for the ladies providing his care. (They are truly an amazing team.)
He also developed a close friendship with Jim Purvis, a fellow tenant.
During the nearly 3 years dad was at Pineview, the group celebrated his 100th birthday.
Please know for certain: Nell and I believe your Galway people and operation, made those years the very best they could have possibly been. We feel so indebted for that.
With deepest appreciation & warmest regards,
Bob Cooper
Overland Park, KS
Bob Cooper


I will always remember our first meeting and the drive from Kansas City North to the warm and welcoming Galway Home on Overbrook Drive in Leawood, Kansas.

I was pretty exhausted, mentally and physically, by the 3 recent moves Mom’s situation had made necessary. Then by having to arrange home care with her 24/7 after moving her back to a more assisted living environment. (That became necessary as she began falling, even though having a walker to rely on, when remembering to do so.)

It had also become obvious she was no longer able to take her Medications properly or timely, which may have led to two hospitalizations at Research Psychiatric Hospital, where electro-shock therapy had to be administered. This in between two of the three moves.

You were so knowledgeable, deliberately amusing, and so very real and human. It is very rare for me to feel so comfortable so quickly with someone. I trusted you from the get-go, as they say, and recognized your professionalism, as well.

Mom came to Galway Homes at the age of 91. She was there until her recent passing, at the age of 96. That, in itself, is a testament to the wonderful care, excellent nutrition from the home cooked, delicious meals (which she was asked her preference about), and loving attention she received.

Truly, there are no words to express our gratitude to you and her amazing caregivers. You all gave her (and us) time full of laughter and light, when so many have nothing but depression and darkness.

Love to all of you, always.

Kay Khorram

Louise's daughter

…I would not hesitate to recommend John Higgins, or his Alzheimer’s group homes in Overland Park and Leawood to any of my patients or their families. I would be happy to discuss this more if further information is desired…

Peter S. Holt, M.D.

St. Luke's Hospital, Kansas City

To Whom It May Concern,

As a family member and Power of Attorney for Elsie Milholland, I make unannounced visits to the Galway House every two to three weeks to check on my aunt and the residence.

I have always found the care to be consistent. The residence is always clean and in a presentable state. When I have visited during mealtime, I have witnessed the attendants assisting Elsie with her meal. They make sure she eats all that she wants and needs.

During the years that Elsie has been a resident at the Galway House, she has been, to quote the hospice nurse, “as healthy as a horse”. She was in very bad shape when she arrived at the Galway House after her disastrous stay at a local care provider. The care she got at the Galway House and their Overland Park Dementia Care helped nurse her back to health. She began eating again and started putting on weight. We are thankful everyday that she is at the Galway House where she gets individual care.

I have always felt that Elsie is in a safe and secure environment. In fact, I have recommended Galway Homes, Overland Park Dementia Care to potential residents and to others that have asked.

Patricia Iorio

At a time when no one seemed to be able or concerned enough to aid us with a way to care for my father, John Higgins was introduced to our family… My Dad has thrived and we are more than pleased with the quality of care he receives. The atmosphere is wholesome and pleasant… all of my family regard John HIggins with respect for his ability to understand and cope with the problems of aging.

Sheila Bordeau-Weir

Dear John and Staff at the Galway Home,

I would like to thank you and your staff at the Galway Home for the excellent care and love that has been given to my dad Al Butcher since he moved in last August.

Prior to August, my dad had lived in several long term care facilities and was not getting the care he needed. There was never a day that I would not worry about my dad. I had to make sure I went to check on him daily and was constantly upset with the care he received. The ratio of carefivers to patients was so low that there was no way the residents could get the care they needed.

When I walked into the Galway Home, I felt like God had answered my prayers, and I soon found out he did. I could smell meatloaf cooking from the kitchen, and it was just like sitting in someone’s home for a nice visit. It was so clean and the girls were so nice. It seemed almost too good to be true, but the best was yet to come. I soon found out he was getting the best care he had ever had. He actually seemed very happy.

For the first time in four years, I have been able to travel for extended periods of time and not worry about my dad’s care. I called dad when I was out of town and asked him how he was and he said “I’m just great”. My dad laughs and cuts up with the girls, and I know they truly care about him. Not to mention…the food is great!! Those girls really know how to cook, and we love the family style eating right in the kitchen – just like home.

Thanks to all of you…..The Galway Home, Overland Park Dementia Care has been a wonderful blessing to my dad and his family.

Jan Nelson

Dear Mr. Higgins,

We are very happy with my mother’s care at Galway Home.

My mother, Doreen, came to the Galway Home after her stay in a traditional nursing home. Upon arrival, my mother was still confused, argumentative and angry. After just three months at Galway, my mother’s attitude and disposition has improved greatly. I believe the combination of excellent medical care, personal attention, home mad meals and a calm and positive daily schedule has made the difference.

We are very grateful for Galway Home. It is allowing my mother to age with dignity and grace. My children feel at home at Galway as well. The nurse and CNA’s are very helpful and friendly. They are always friendly to our children when we visit their grandmother. We are so grateful we have the opportunity to help my mother enjoy her life in such a lovely environment.

Emily hill

Dear Mr. Higgins,

I would like to THANK YOU and your staff for taking care of my father, Bernie Mabry. His stay in your Galway Homes was pleasurable for him and for our family. His previous year and a half was spent in and out of the hospital and nursing home for reasons I considered to be due to inappropriate care. Once he was in your care, the day to day activity improved.

Galway Homes arranged Dad’s living conditions like his “home” rather than “hospital like”. Dad had his own bedroom and bath and ate with the other residents. There was a living room for quiet visiting and a recreation room where dad could be with the other residents and caregivers in a relaxed atmosphere. In nice weather Dad could go out on the deck overlooking the backyard and watch the birds, squirrels and rabbits play

Mr. Higgins, Thank you very much.

Bernie Mabry and Family

Thank you all! For the great care you gave my aunt Mildred. We will never forget it.

Kay & Avis

John and Galway Staff,

Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers. My dad received such wonderful care at your Overland Park Dementia Care house and I am very thankful that we were able to move him there when we needed to give him more care.

You and your staff are very special to us and we will never forget you.

Thanks again.

Janet & Doug


I want to thank you for the wonderful job you and your staff are doing with dad and for keeping the faith when at times I couldn’t. [Your home] is the perfect answer to my dad’s needs.

I especially love that the staff interacts with him so constantly. Your insight about the meds has also been a godsend.


As a registered nurse and also as a daughter of a parent with Alzheimer Disease who is a resident of Galway Homes, I would highly recommend the Galway Homes, Overland Park Dementia Care for anyone in search of a living alternative for elderly family members. John Higgins provides a safe, caring and consistent environment in answer to the complicated needs of Alzheimer patients.

I would not hesitate to recommend John Higgins, or his Alzheimer’s group homes to any of my patients or their families. I would be happy to discuss this more if further information is desired.

Camille Riddick

Registered Nurse

Dear John,

As someone who wanted the best Overland Park Dementia care at the end of my mothers life, I was desperate to locate a new home for mom that would give her quality care until she passed away. I was fortunate enough to find many angels along the way who helped me as my mother was slipping away. I found she needed much more care than she was receiving in assisted living. I was in search of the most ideal setting for her which also provided excellent care regarding what my mother required.

With the level of care we had experienced dealing with large institutions for 7 years, Terry and I definitely knew that it was imperative that we find a place for mom with excellent skilled nursing in a well managed facility. We hired an individual who had been in business for 10 years helping people find the perfect solution to a very stressful and hopeless situation. We told him the requirements we expected and within 10 days he found Galway House, Overland Park Dementia Care. It was close to our home, we would be able to visit her at any given time day or night and most importantly, she would receive the care she deserved. For me, it was a dream come true, especially after meeting you.

Not only were you personable, you were professional, caring, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable in skilled nursing. We met your staff to observe how they conducted themselves with the residents. Because there were only 5 residents who lived there, it was obvious to both of us that this was a home where people received immediate attention. There were no buttons to push, no yelling for help and when someone needed any type of assistance, they received it immediately. You shopped weekly for all the groceries, asking the family members of each resident what their loved ones enjoyed. The compassion that you demonstrated toward all 5 residents was overwhelming and impressive to us.

While my mother lived in a large institution for 7 years, meetings were requested many times to discuss the quality of my mother’s care she was receiving, always trying to make it clear to their staff and management that the residents needed more “assistance” since they were living in “assisted living”. After every meeting ended, we waited for things to change and every month we were back for another meeting which usually lasted one to two hours. We came to realize that it would never be acceptable enough for our expectations. The facility would never be able to provide the level of care mom needed. We also came to the realization that quality nursing care was crucial. Above all, we definitely knew that a large nursing home facility was never going to be considered. You had a method of managing your home in a most proficient manner. It allowed for a less stressful atmosphere for the family members as well as the residents. It was a calm and positive surrounding, an open door policy allowed family and friends to visit their loved ones whether it be day or night. Your home also provided a lovely neighborhood with trees and birds as your residents looked out their windows. Your home was comfortable, extremely clean and always had the aroma of the home cooked meal being ready to be served that evening. Theres were all the perks that my mother could experience once again as she did in her own home many years ago. The most important issue however was that mom was going to have what she deserved until she passed away. For the first time in years, I did not have to worry daily about the care she was receiving, always feeling confident knowing she would be all right until the end.

We recognized that you were adamant in having a staff you could trust and rely on every hour of every day. The four women who take care of mom were immediately on task when she needed anything, down to a piece of Kleenex. A wave of mom’s arm was all that was needed, and help was on the way.The caregivers were never more than 20 feet away from her during the entire day. They let mom choose her own meals which was important because that was the only thing left that she enjoyed and cared about. Knowing that the elderly do not like change, the staff made mom feel welcome and comfortable in her new environment. Their attitudes were always pleasant and willing to answer any questions I might have had. They were very astute, learning what my mother liked and did not like. They couldn’t have been more accommodating. The staff also kept reassuring me during this difficult time telling me she was safe and watched over. They were truly angels that I definitely needed then and will always remember going forward.

You had my mother only three weeks in your lovely Galway home, but the peace of mind that my whole family had during her time there was incredible. She was able to have her own private room which you had freshly painted before she arrived. You freshed up her room with a new coat of paint, a color you allowed me to choose. You replaced the carpeting and let me put up the curtains I chose. You were very in tune with how we were feeling at the time and knew this was a bad situation that was never going to get better. You know what to say and when to say it. You could not have been more accomodating and I truly appreciated that. Thank you.

My mother died at the age of 96. With low platelets, fourth breathing treatments daily and finally succumbing to pneumonia, your staff kept her feeling comfortable and well looked after. We visited daily and in the evenings and she loved to sing along with us. She was able to enjoy this up until three days before she passed away. With the staff and family by her side she passed peacefully. My only regret is that there are not more John Higgins’s in this world. You came over immediately to be with us and to say goodbye to mom. You have dedicated more than the last twenty years of your life helping people who are concerned about their loved ones to care for them throughout the transition from living to death in a most caring and respectful manner.

After my mother passed away, you too, called me several times. You took the time out of your busy schedule to be concerned about me. A few weeks after mom died, I made a point of stopping by Galway House. I had gotten to know your staff and the residents who were still there struggling to get through each day. I wanted them to know that I appreciated all that they did for me and my mom. It was a way to have closure and see that life does go on.

Julie Preston

This is quite different concept than a large institutional arrangement. The family atmosphere and environment made my uncle feel secure. The level of personalized care is excellent.

(Uncle lived in one of the Galway Homes, Overland Park Dementia Care for four years)

Bill Langley

To the Staff at Galway,

Thanks so much for the beautiful flowers for Marian’s services. We appreciate so much, all your love and support. Your care was such a comfort and blessing for us as mom battled her illness. Your kindness and respect for her was much appreciated and will not ever be fogotten.

Thank you.

Marian's Kids

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