Individual Dementia Care

Galway Homes, Alzheimer's Care Facility Provides Residential Assisted living, Dementia Care for those suffering from memory loss.

Serving Kansas City Metropolitan Area

How long has Galway Homes been in business?

Mr. John Higgins, C.E.O of Galway Homes, saw family go through the institutional facilities. In 1993 Mr. Higgins, anxious to see better choices and more one-on-one care offered to those with dementia, decided to open his first Residential Living home for the memory impaired.

Where are Galway Homes Located in Kansas City

Galway Homes of Kansas City are conveniently located in Kansas City, MO and the Northland. Providing individual dementia Care in a residential, upscaled environment

What are your staffing ratios?

Our staffing ratios are among the very highest in our industry. Our Staff to resident ratio is 2 to 5, allowing for very personal attention and individual dementia care.

Does the Galway Homes have private bedrooms?

Yes, each of our homes have 5 individual bedrooms. We encourage each of our residents (and their families) to furnish their own room with familiar articles or furnishings from home.

Does the Galway Homes have specific visiting hours?

This is your loved ones home. You can have visitors at any time. All we ask is that visitors respect the privacy and needs of the other residents.

Are there activities during the day?

Yes. We use techniques ranging from group activities to individual therapies in our homes. Our residents favorite is Music Therapy!

Are meals served at scheduled and specific times? Do the residents have to eat at that time?

All meals, snacks and beverages are served family style. While breakfast, lunch and dinner are served at general times; we try to respect and support the lifestyles our residents have practiced all their lives. Late risers and early risers may not necessarily eat breakfast together. Lunch and dinner are usually served during a general time frame as well.

In addition to the need to provide a well-balanced and nutritious meal, we strongly encourage the socialization that occurs at mealtime. We will continue to encourage all residents to eat their meals with the other residents; and, we will make every effort to accommodate special dietary needs when prescribed by the resident’s attending physician.

Can my mother walk around at night if she can't sleep?

Yes. Our staff is trained to support the resident that may encounter a restless evening of sleep. However, our staff is also trained to understand why this restlessness may occur. If there is evidence that this restlessness is a patterned behavior, in conjunction with the family and the attending physicians, we will develop a care plan that will meet the needs of the resident.

Can you take dad to the doctor's office and other appointments?

Yes, there are a couple of options.

First, with advance notice we can arrange for a local transportation provider to transport your loved one to an appointment. They will provide you with a bill for their fee for service. If you like, one of our staff persons can accompany the resident on the trip. The cost of the staff person’s time and the outside transportation services can be billed and paid through your monthly statement.

Second, you may choose to utilize one of the many outside professionals who bring their services into our homes. While these professionals do not work for Galway Homes, they form an important element of our community-based program. There are internists and podiatrists as well as home health agencies and personal care providers like hairdressers in each community who are willing to make house calls.

Are your homes just for the people with early stage dementia?

No. The Galway Homes are created to provide care for all levels of dementia, regardless of the stage. Also, it is the strong belief of the company that our residents be allowed to “age in place”. As the progression of any dementia-related illness mandates increased medical attention for our residents, we will work with, and encourage, families to identify care that can be brought into the home, thereby allowing the resident to remain in this, their home.

Will my mother have to move on to a nursing home when she needs more and more care?

The philosophy of Galway Homes is our residents will be allowed to age in place. We provide individual dementia Care that provides a long term home away from home.

Mom's a little confused but she doesn't have Alzheimer's. Will you still take her?

While our environment has been carefully designed to care for the individual dementia care needs of our residents, we will carefully consider the admission of a non-dementia resident who otherwise needs assistance with any of the Activities of Daily Living (eating, bathing, toileting, transferring and dressing). We recognize and support the needs of anyone who requires such assistance, and will work very closely with the family members to ensure there is a clear understanding of our environment and it’s suitability for their loved one.

Dad uses a walker (or wheelchair). Will you still take him?

Yes, we accommodate all residents, including those who use walkers and wheelchairs.

Mom loves to be outdoors. Can she go outside?

Yes, we have spacious furnished decks and large fenced backyards for our residents to enjoy.

Do you add fees, as Mom needs more care?

No. At Galway Homes we provide all services at a fixed, affordable rate. Our individual dementia care services are equally provided to all residents, with no financial increases based on levels of care.

Do you have doctors and nurses?

You have the right to choose what physician your loved one sees. We do work closely with a local practice of doctors and nurse practitioners who specialize in geriatrics. They visit our homes to see our residents regularly, and they will see your loved one if you so choose.

We also have a full time registered nurse on staff. She visits the homes daily and is on call 24/7 for our residents needs.

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