If you were to drive by a Galway Homes long term care residence for the memory impaired, you would never know it. It looks just like other beautiful homes on the block. You won’t even see a sign on the house. The residential setting creates a more relaxing environment which ensures lower levels of stress opposed to the larger, typical memory care Overland Park facilities. Residents benefit from the experience of living in a home they feel comfortable in, and in many cases, like the one they just left.

For people with dementia in assisted living and nursing homes, quality of life depends on the quality of the relationships they have with the direct care staff. This is where John Higgins, President of Galway Homes, steps in to offer an alternative to the larger facilities. His 5 bedroom and 7 bedroom homes in Leawood Overland Park and the Northland in Missouri provide the highest staffing ratios in the industry. With 2 staff members for every 5 residents in Kansas and 2 staff members for every 7 residents in Missouri, the attention to detail and increased levels of one on one care make a huge difference.

The best Overland Park Memory Care occurs within a social environment that supports the development of healthy relationships between staff, family and residents. The close relationship with residents by caregivers is crucial because the need for support changes over time as the disease progresses. This is one of the primary reasons Galway Homes focuses on providing care and assistance that is tailored to each resident.

By keeping staff in the house round the clock there is less staff turnover which in turn delivers more continuity. Residents may become confused, disoriented or agitated as evening approaches or during shift changes. Tight coordination between caregivers is another building block of success at Galway Homes.

When all staff involved in a resident’s care are intimately acquainted with the individual care plan, they are better equipped to provide appropriate care to the resident compared to what may be available at larger facilities.

There are several critical elements of good dementia care. One is ongoing monitoring and assessment of residents, particularly when they get back from the hospital or their condition changes.  Another is involvement in stimulating activities which help residents maintain their functional abilities and can enhance quality of life. Additionally, a sense of community and family atmosphere reduces stress, anxiety and depression residents may have. Galway Homes offers a variety of choices and fun activities that offer an attractive alternative to traditional long term care facilities. Families come and go as they please. They have cookouts in the backyard or lunch on the deck. These mealtimes are designed to be pleasant and enjoyable activities where staff have an opportunity to observe and interact with residents.

More than 50 percent of residents in assisted living and nursing homes suffer from some form of dementia or cognitive impairment. With that number increasing daily, Galway Homes is only beginning to meet the demand for its services. It currently owns and operates 2 homes in Leawood, Kansas and 1 in the Northland in Missouri. We are getting ready to open a second on the Missouri side in the next few months,” Higgins told KMBZ. To arrange a private tour or to learn more visit or call 913-676-7277.